Resident Story

“The people who live at Homestead are absolutely wonderful.”
– Louise Asta

Louise Asta moved into Homestead at Hamilton’s assisted living neighborhood in late 2018, when she became physically unable to live on her own and knew she needed to make a big change in her life. “Winter was coming and the thought of having to try to pick up my medication, go to the doctor and everything else was very daunting. I was at the point where I just couldn’t do anything, so I didn’t care about anything — how I looked, what I did, not anything — and I knew that had to change. That’s when my daughter, and several other people, recommended Homestead,” said Louise. “They said it was the best in the area for what I needed.”

It turned out that they were right. In August 2019, less than a year later, Louise was ready and able to move out of assisted living and into one of Homestead’s independent living apartments. Louise credits her faith, hard work and many caring professionals for her ability to go from walker to walking.

“I’m independent again and very happy, but it took hard work and good help to reach my goals. Jennifer, one of the nurses, was very patient, always ready to answer questions and to make me smile. Roberta, the physical therapist, was amazing! She was very encouraging and took her time with me, and knew exactly when it was time for me to let go of the walker — it took months, but we did it! My doctors couldn’t believe it — but that’s what great support can do. I am walking independently.”

Louise also credits other Homestead team members for always being there to support her on a personal basis. “Donna, the personal trainer, runs lots of diverse classes and will customize them just for you. The two aides are great, too. Last winter when I had a cold and was really run down, one or the other would stop by every day to make sure I was okay and bring me hot chocolate or a donut.” The caring staff, and the residents who had become friends as well as neighbors, were what made it easy for Louise to decide to stay at Homestead when she was ready to leave assisted living behind.

“I was in my comfort zone living here and knew what to expect,” Louise said. “The transition was quite easy and worked out great. The concierge recommended a mover and other staff made sure my lovely new apartment was clean and perfect for me when I moved in. I still know everyone, and when something happens, whether it’s happy or sad, everyone cares. And that makes all the difference.”

To learn more about how to find support at Homestead like Louise, call (609) 438-9900 to schedule a visit.

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