Preserve Your Favorite Memories:
Scrapbooking for Seniors

If you’re looking for a fun, therapeutic activity to do with an older adult, scrapbooking may just be the answer.

Creating a memory book can reduce stress in older people because it allows them to share stories from their life in a creative way. The scrapbooking process can also trigger memories and delay memory loss for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

At the heart of it though, scrapbooking is an excellent way to further bond with an older family member or friend. Oftentimes, the process of scrapbooking with an older person can be just as touching of an experience for you as it is for them.

Not sure how to get started on your family member or friend’s scrapbooking project? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Read our easy-to-follow tips on how to begin capturing memories with scrapbooking.

Getting Started with Scrapbooking

Begin by Getting Organized – Although creative projects can appear to be organized chaos at times, it’s good to have some organization while starting any project. You’ll want to begin by gathering your photos and putting them in chronological order. When you’re ready to start working, lay out all your materials and supplies so that you can easily access them when working.

If, at this point, you’ve realized that you don’t have enough scrapbooking materials, now is the time to make a trip to the craft store. If you’re new to scrapbooking, be forewarned, many craft and hobby stores have several aisles dedicated to scrapbooking supplies. It can be overwhelming at first, but soon enough you’ll be delighted by the various supplies of decorative scissors, stickers, embellishments, stamps and more. All of these are tools that will help you make amazing one-of-a-kind albums that will evoke “ahs” and “oohs” from your family and friends.

Choose a Theme – Following a few themes will make it much easier to a complete a scrapbooking project, so we recommend choosing a handful based on major life events. If you have several photos and mementos you may even want to dedicate an entire album to one theme. One album can be used to document a wedding, another for family photos, another for coming of age and more. Other thematic ideas might include vacations, holidays, birthdays, hobbies, and awards. Focus on one of your chosen themes, then decide which paper you’ll use for the layout and what photos, memorabilia and embellishments you’d like to use on the page.

Create a Page Layout – Create a page layout by placing the items where you think they might look best on the scrapbook paper. If you’re working with an older family member or friend, give them the opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments in how they’d like the final arrangement to appear. Once everyone is pleased with the layout, begin gluing or taping the items into place. You can take a picture with your phone before gluing since you may need to move some items during the gluing process.

Share the Memories – Enjoy the experience of listening to your family member or friend share their memories when working on the scrapbook. Make the experience even more memorable by writing down the stories as they’re recalled or shared. Encourage and give them opportunities to share the completed project with others by taking them to a friend’s house, a senior center or another family member’s home.

Scrapbooking Inspiration and Information

Since many people love scrapbooking and get hooked once they get started, the internet is abound with blogs about the scrapbooking process. Let’s look at a few that will inspire you on your journey to preserve your memories.

With more than 400 videos and thousands of posts, you’re sure to find some creative gems in Above Rubies Studio. Their site is chock full of freebies and several popular how-to videos. The designers have various Pinterest boards where you’ll find lots of ideas to use in your albums. offers a blog, classes, products and a gallery filled with ideas to assist you on your scrapbooking journey. In their blog, they feature posts that are dedicated to their favorite layouts and give you a glimpse into what other scrapbookers are doing. Their Pinterest board provides lots of inspiration as well.

The Scrapbook Circle, where several designers share their love of scrapbooking, is a great place to find new ideas. And, they also offer kits and products for those who want to shop online. Their products page offers gift certificates (various values between $20 to $100) that can be used as a gift to help someone get started. Be sure to check out their Pinterest board.

Maggie Holmes Design blog is a visual delight. She’s combined her passion for recording memories and her love of photography. Her Pinterest board is a great place to check out design ideas.

At We R Memory Keepers, a group of designers offers a blog filled with ideas and a large shopping area filled with many great products. One of their best posts, covering the tab punch style, demonstrates a handy option for organizing many photos on one page. Their Pinterest board is filled with lots of inspirational pins.

Making Memories at Homestead at Hamilton

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