Health is a team effort.

Physical health is a key component of our SalusTM approach to total wellness. To make achieving and maintaining a healthy body easy, everything you need to reach your goals is close at hand.

At Homestead, we account for any possible needs on the journey to total body wellness through on-site physical and occupational therapists, a state-of-the art personal training gym led by professionals and ongoing fitness offerings in the Fitness Class Studio.

Our fitness and rehabilitation programs are designed to make the experience better for you, with seamless transitions from initial treatment to ongoing fitness plans to put the focus on getting healthy. Everything is on-site and handled by familiar faces, backed by professional accolades.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation gym is in the same building as your home and offers physical and occupational therapy six days a week. That convenience and accessibility to the therapists and equipment you need will help you improve your mobility. Most services are covered by Medicare and the team of professionals has years of experience supporting people just like you.

A Gym You’ll Want to Frequent

When it’s time to maintain all the positive progress from your rehabilitation program, or if you’re looking to start a new fitness routine to feel your best, Homestead’s gym is stocked with plenty of HUR equipment to help build strength, balance and keep you active.

All the health professionals of Homestead give you a superior level of care as you work to achieve and maintain wellness. Since all your health teams are under one roof, there are deep working relationships between your Medicare-funded therapists and their personal trainer counterparts in our state-of-the-art gym. Guided by Salus wellness philosophy, these health professionals work hand-in-hand to keep you on the best path to total wellness, and help you feel your very best.

Find the Best Fitness Plan for You

Each fitness plan at Homestead is tailored to the individual, so no two are truly alike. That means there is a unique plan to help you, and we can develop a plan that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact us to meet our experts and discuss what’s best for your fitness goals.

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