Be active. Live inspired.

Keep your mind and body fit at Homestead at Hamilton’s retirement community in the state-of-the-art fitness center. Grab a friend and choose from a variety of classes with certified fitness instructors in the exercise studio. Personal trainers are available to help you with an exercise program to fit your needs and keep you on track to living the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve.

You’ll also have access to HUR strength-building equipment to help build muscles, increase stamina and promote overall well-being. HUR’s pneumatic (air-resistant) strength training solutions are uniquely designed for safe, effective, easy and enjoyable use.

Premium HUR equipment features:

  • Pneumatic resistance from air pressure – not weight stacks – provides optimal muscle loading
  • SmartTouch technology is highly customized and automated
  • Easy access on and off is ideal for those with (or without) mobility devices
  • Natural transmission using air pressure follows the natural movement of the body, making it easy on joints and muscles
  • Zero starting loads yield faster results by starting at lower weights
  • Small, incremental resistance at a quarter pound increments allows for controlled progress and easy-to-see gains
  • Globally-known industry leader in strength training for older adults

Whether you’ve exercised all your life or never stepped into a gym, HUR fitness equipment offers the strength you need for the results you want:

The strength of body

The stamina to pursue passions, maintain relationships, handle life’s surprises with grace, and live on one’s own terms.

The strength of mind and character

The muscle to stand, move, dance, eat, work, play, and be independent.

The strength to be well

And the power to regain and maintain strength following injury or illness.


Want to learn more about the features of the premium HUR equipment offered at Homestead at Hamilton?

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*As with any fitness program, participants should talk to their doctor before starting an exercise or strength-training program.

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